Seminars and workshops

An Introduction to Mindfulness overview

(1 hour)

During the hour Mark will:

A Path of Mindful Awareness Primer

3 hours (half day)

In this highly condensed half-day seminar Mark will go over all the points outlined in the one hour overview (see above points) and also include topics as:

This format will also allow for more time to explore and directly experience some of the Mindfulness practices.

The Path of Mindfulness

(6 hours – either 1 day or 2 half-days)

In this format Mark will include all the information from both the Introduction and the Primer plus there will be time to go more in depth into various subjects as:

The Full Day or 2 Half-Days program will also bring opportunities for spending more time experientially exploring various Mindfulness practices in depth.

★ For more information call Mark at 805-995-2010 ★
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